Upcoming Shows and a great customer interaction!

Upcoming Shows and a great customer interaction!

Just an update for our confirmed upcoming shows.

June 12th-15th - Hobble Creek Boutique - Spanish Fork Fairgrounds

June 28th-29th - Lehi Round-Up - Wines Park

August 9th-10th - Salem Days - Veterans Memorial Ball Park


Today we had a great interaction the reminded us why we are doing this.  We had a customer that had ordered from us from last Christmas.  They had come and picked out some fun items for their family.  Fast forward to today, they had lost our contact information.  There are many 3D printers out there.  We were truly grateful and humbled that today they tracked us down to come back to get some more dragons from us.  It was a reminder that we are doing this to see the smiles on our customers and to have these types of interactions with people in our community.

Hopefully we get to see some of you at our events this summer!

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